Fórum da Sociedade Civil para os ODS – National CSO SDG Forum


The National CSO SDG Forum, established in 2014, has been working on SDGs since 2015.

The SDGs provided a common framework to link the work of different coalitions that represent Portuguese CSOs working on different areas. This coalition was responsible for organising two national consultation processes that resulted in two reports. These reports were both presented at the national parliament and referred to in the national government positions regarding the 2030 Agenda. The mission is to reinforce the role of national CSOs in SDG implementation and monitoring and to influence national policies so they are coherent with the SDGs and the commitments of the Portuguese government regarding the 2030 Agenda.


This coalition has no formal governance model. There is a facilitator that communicates with all members via e-mail, and three or four plenary meetings are organised per year.

Additional Information

The national SDG Forum organised a debate with candidates for the October 2019 elections and presented a document before the debate where they analysed party programmes in light of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. The document is available here. It has been a good advocacy document and many parties have read it and considered it a very useful analysis.

Membership Information

Number:  7. All umbrella organisations.

Global Justice and Development, Environment, Climate Justice, Human rights Feminist / Women rights defenders/ Gender discrimination, Farmers and agroecology, Youth.

Main benefits for members:
To work with different CSOs and to create a common and stronger voice and position towards the government and other relevant stakeholders. To have access to relevant information and participate in important national and international discussions around the 2030 Agenda.

Further Information

Pedro Cruz, coordinator:

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