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More clothing is being produced, consumed, and thrown away than ever before, putting immense pressure on our planet and the industry’s 60 million-strong global workforce.

Our campaign is calling for EU leaders to take urgent action to rein in the sector and champion a radical textile industry transformation to change how clothes are made, sold, worn – and reworn.

Transforming the textile industry means using resources again and again to prevent waste. It means far greater transparency about what goes on across the fashion industry. It means preventing and mitigating human rights abuses and environmental destruction all along supply chains. It means calling time on wasteful, toxic and environmentally damaging products and making new types of business models based on repairing, renting, sharing, and swapping more accessible. This year, EU leaders have a chance to back an ambitious Textile Strategy based on fairness and sustainability.

Radical changes to the textile industry are essential to stand any chance of achieving responsible consumption and production globally as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – which 193 governments have committed to.
It’s time to move fashion away from the pursuit of ever-more economic growth which is incompatible with stopping further environmental and climate breakdown and reducing global inequalities.

Join our campaign for a #WardrobeChange and tell us what your vision for the future of fashion is?

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