SDG Watch Europe input to the planned Council Recommendation on Education for environmental sustainability

(15 July 2021)

This is not enough!
Reaffirming our call for ambitious EU policies on the SDGs

(19 February 2021)


Time to reach for the moon – The EU needs to step up action and lead the transformation to sustainability

(25 September 2020)

Progress at a snail’s pace
Statement published by the SDG Watch Europe Steering Group
as Eurostat publishes 2020 SDG monitoring report

(22 June 2020)

SDG Watch Europe Statement on Covid-19

(18 June 2020)

SDG Watch Europe Steering Group Statement on Covid-19

(7 April 2020)


Letter to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen: EU needs strong leadership on Sustainable Development from the Commission President

(19 December 2019)

SDG Watch Europe Open Letter : Urgent Need and Opportunity for New Commission to put Sustainable Development Goals Centre-Stage

(25 September 2019)

Sustainability Hero of the European Parliament video

(September 2019)

Sustainability Hero of the European Parliament leaflet

(September 2019)

Who is paying the bill?

(July 2019) Despite its commitment to the 2030 agenda, the EU largely ignores the negative impacts that some of its policies and practices have on other parts of the world, a new major report published by SDG Watch Europe concludes:  ‘Who is paying the bill? (negative) impacts of European policies and practices in the world’.


(February 2019) In the best option: 4 years after the adoption of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the EU considers this agenda as the overarching strategy for the Future of Europe.


SDG Watch Europe letter to European leaders

(7 December 2018) SDG Watch Europe Open letter on the need for the EU to fully implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Letter to the General Affairs Council on Sustainability safeguards in the next MFF

(7 November 18) SDG Watch Europe and the People’s Budget campaign sent a letter to the General Affairs Council calling for better sustainability safeguards in the future EU budget. Checking spending for existing policies to ensure coherence with sustainable development, developing a common framework and guidaince for sustainability proofing, and attaching a joint declaration to the MFF on sustainability mainstreaming are key elements for this.

Manifesto for a Sustainable Europe for its Citizens

(September 2018) SDG Watch Europe and a coalition of civil society organisations launched on 25 September 2018 the “Manifesto for a Sustainable Europe for its Citizens” with core demands for the new political leadership of the EU and the candidates in the European Elections 2019 – as the current Commission has failed to put Sustainable Development at the core of its political priorities.

The 2030 Agenda should be the compass for all European policies – and provides a positive vision for the people of Europe for a sustainable future.

Link to the manifesto & petition:

Letter to the Environment Commissioner Vella from the project Make Europe sustainable for All and the organisations EEB, BirdLife and WWF

(3 September 18) A decision whether and how the EC will report on 2019 will be taken later this week by the Commissioners. We are asking Vella to make sure that the EC will report about all SDGs in the internal and external dimension of all EU policies, that the process will be participatory and that the environment will take centre stage in the report. The EU needs a transparent and robust monitoring system of how we are doing on the SDGs and a holistic report including strong stakeholder participation is key.

Letter to First Vice-President Frans Timmermans: call on European Commission to report on SDG performance in 2019

(16 July 2018)

Relevant Fundamental Rights studies linked to each SDG

(June 2018)

SDG Watch Europe Position Paper on reform of the European Semester to develop an EU-wide coordination mechanism for SDG monitoring & implementation

(January 18) A reflection process is underway within the EU institutions concerning the future of the European Semester. SDG Watch Europe is calling for Europe 2020 to be replaced with Agenda 2030 and for the Semester to be transformed into a social and sustainable instrument which will deliver on this.


Position on the post 2020 MFF

(Dec 17) We call for ambitious reform of the future Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) to advance a Future of Europe that Europeans can believe in. A transformational, people centered, and fully sustainable EU budget holds the key to many of the challenges facing Europe.

Not fit for purpose: SDG monitoring report fails to illustrate how far the EU is from a sustainable future

(20 Nov 17) SDG Watch Europe has released its five questions commentary on Eurostat report “Sustainable Development in the European Union – Monitoring report on progress towards the SDGs in an EU context”.

SDG Watch Europe – Opinion on President Juncker’s State of the Union 2017

(26 Sep 17) On Wednesday 13 of September, President Juncker delivered his State of the Union (SOTEU) 2017 address. Just like last year, his speech made no mention of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Europe for its Citizens – the 6th Scenario

(1 Sep 17) In April 2017 European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker presented a White Paper on the Future of Europe, including five possible scenarios for discussion at European and Member State levels. In response, SDG Watch Europe in collaboration with Friends of the Earth Europe has facilitated the development of an alternative ‘6th Scenario’ that has been backed by over 250 civil society organisations.

SDG Watch Europe input to the Reflection paper on EU finances

(12 Jun 17) SDG Watch Europe input to the Reflection paper on EU finances asking for sustainability proofing the future EU budget based on a set of sustainability principles.

Survey on EU budget

(23 May 17) SDG Watch Europe surveyed a range of key EU stakeholders between January and February 2017 to see what they think about how the new EU budget cycle post 2020 can promote sustainable development more effectively than the current one. More than 300 stakeholders responded to the online survey.

Sustainability principles for the future EU budget

(15 May 17) SDG Watch Europe endorsed a set of sustainability principles to ensure coherence in the next EU budget cycle, and also to serve the implementation of the SDGs. These sustainability principles along with the SDGs will serve the basis of the sustainability proofing methodology, which SDG Watch Europe will ask the EC, EP and MSs to apply for the next EU budget cycle.

SDG Watch Europe Recommendations for Council Conclusions on the EC Communication: Next Steps for Sustainable European Future

(24 Apr 17) We believe that the Council Conclusions to be adopted in June 2017 under the Maltese EU Presidency represent an important opportunity for EU member states to address the lack of European leadership and ambition shown to date regarding the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

SDG Watch Europe Position Paper on establishing a new EU Multi-Stakeholder Platform

(21 Feb 17) The EC Communication entitled “Next steps for a sustainable European future – European action for sustainability” published in November 2016 states that the Commission intends to establish a new EU Multi- Stakeholder Platform as part of its overall implementation of the 2030 Agenda.


SDG Watch open letter to EC President Juncker

(3 Jun 16) SDG Watch Europe has written to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker calling for him to adopt, as a matter of urgency, an overarching strategy to guide implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Follow-up and review of the Sustainable Development Goals under the High Level Political Forum

(January 2016) Report prepared for the United Nations Development Program.

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