Civil Kerekasztal a Fenntartható Fejlődési Célokért – Round table of Hungarian Civil Society Organisations for Sustainable Development


In 2017, experiencing the shortfall of SDGs implementation both internationally and nationally, organisations from several sectors such as the economic, academic and civil sectors created various platforms to assist the process of implementation.

As one of these platforms, the Roundtable of Hungarian Civil Society Organisations for the Sustainable Development Goals was established by 11 national organisations in October, 2017 with the following objectives :

  • promoting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and raising public awareness in the society and in the public discourse;
  • monitoring the implementation of the goals in Hungary, and making recommendations to the government and various actors of society;
  • promoting a structured dialogue between the governmental and non-governmental organisations;
  • exchanging information between the members and getting to know each other’s efforts and work related to the SDGs.


The roundtable meets 2-3 times a year and has a coordinator.

Additional Information

Since its establishment, the Roundtable has created the website:, which is the first Hungarian site dedicated to the Agenda 2030 and its implementation. Among others, the website provides information on the actual state of national implementation, inter alia, by means of 80 indicators on where Hungary stands in implementation, and on the commitments of more than 90 civil society organisations contributing to the implementation with their activities.

The Roundtable organised several conferences and has started to collect good examples (in 30 areas already) and prepares recommendations in their fields of expertise. The aim is to support the implementation and set an example for other sectors too; to start a dialogue within the civil sector and with other stakeholders on how the goals can be reached in a systemic approach, when the solutions strengthen not weaken each other.

The Roundtable had been invited to make contributions to the 2018 Hungarian Voluntary National Review, which were included in the VNR.

Membership Information

Number:  11

Global Justice and Development, Environment, Climate Justice, Social, Science, Tax Justice, Transparency and fight against corruption, Human rights.

Main benefits for members:
Capacity building and visibility of the work CSOs are doing on SDGs.

Further Information

Akos Eger:



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