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Coalition 2030 was established in February 2017 and continues to grow in size, capacity and impact. Coalition 2030 is an alliance of 70 leading international and local civil society organisations that represent all sectors of civil society, numbering 2.5 million people by affiliation.

This alliance is committed to, and working with its member organisations towards, upholding Ireland’s commitment to achieving the SDG targets at home in Ireland and in over 50 countries, by 2030.

Heightened awareness and concern about climate change, as well as the ongoing protests around the world campaigning for sustainability, human rights, equality and environment, have opened up opportunities to broaden the visibility and reach of the Coalition. This will help it become a stronger voice when it comes to advocating for social and environmental change in order to encourage the shaping of policy in relation to Ireland’s commitments to the UN Agenda 2030.


The full membership meets quarterly at the Plenary. The terms of reference set out Coalition 2030’s mandate (it can be downloaded from the website). Coalition 2030 is led by a Steering Committee that represents the main body with a member from each sector. They meet regularly to inform policy, monitor Ireland’s SDG performance and enhance the organisational effectiveness of the Coalition.

Two working groups were established in 2018: The Policy Working Group (PWG) and the Public Engagement Working Group (PEWG). Each working group has developed Terms of Reference and a workplan for the year and meets a minimum of four times annually. The Public Engagement Working Group handles all of the communications, events, stunts, promotion and messaging of Coalition 2030. The Policy Working Group focuses on monitoring and evaluating Ireland’s progress with the SDGs and provides input on submissions, hearings and key messaging for the Irish government and international heads of state.

Additional Information

Coalition 2030 is recognised as the leading civil society actor in the national 2030 Agenda process. The Irish government has signed up to the 2030 Agenda and, consequently, the Department of Communications, Climate and Environment (DCCAE) is responsible for promoting the SDGs and working in collaboration with communities to support the SDGs. “Leave No One Behind”is the government’s overarching principle for the SDGs. DCCAE’s main focus of SDGs activity is Goal 17: “Partnership for the Goals” and to that end, an SDG representative has been appointed in each of the 17 government departments. Relationships with government, local and regional authorities continue to be strengthened and the format of the SDGs National Stakeholder Forum reflects ongoing input from Coalition 2030 .

Coalition 2030 continues to engage with government to influence the structure and content of the National SDG Stakeholder Forum organised by the DCCAE, as well as advocating for greater policy coherence and a whole-of-government approach to SDG implementation.

In 2018 and 2019, members of Coalition 2030 were part of the Irish goverment’s delegation at the High Level Political Forum in New York. In May 2019, the Public Engagement Working Group and the Policy Working Group cooperated to draft, design and promote a Coalition 2030 Elections Manifesto, which was published online and promoted via its member groups in the weeks leading up to the local and European elections.

Membership Information

Number:  70 member organisations with 2.5 million members by affiliation.

Academic & learning institutions, advocacy & human rights, anti-poverty, asylum seekers, migrants, refugees, climate advocacy, charities, community groups, sustainable food producers and farmer organisations, disability advocacy groups, environment, gender and women’s rights,  humanitarian aid & relief, social enterprise & green business, social inclusion, trade unions, upcycling/waste, youth & children, trade unions, others.

Main benefits for members:
Stronger advocacy and visibility for the SDGs via its online platforms and events.

Further Information

Jerry Mac Evilly, coordinator:

Irish Coalition2
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