Forum for utvikling og miljø – The Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment (ForUM)


The Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment (ForUM) was established after Rio in 1992, and has since then worked for sustainable development.

The goal of this coalition is to be a driving force for change and a relevant partner for the Norwegian government. The focus areas since 2013 are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including financing for development and climate change.


The annual meeting, where all the members are represented, elects a board that is responsible until the next annual meeting. ForUM has a secretariat of six people who coordinate the work. Member organizations meet regularly in working groups on different topics within the SDGs. There is also one working group on the SDGs a whole.

Additional Information

In 2017, the Norwegian Parliament asked the government to make a plan for SDG implementation, in accordance with ForUM’s recommendation, and this was also included in the Party Programme of the Conservative Party (the largest Party in Norway’s Coalition government). This has been a consistent recommendation from ForUM’s members. Nevertheless, the government has yet to adopt such a plan. In the state budget for 2020, Statistics Norway is allocated funds to compile and present Norwegian SDG statistics on one single platform. This has been a long-standing recommendation from ForUM, and it will increase transparency around Norway’s progress towards the SDGs.

Membership Information

Number: 53

Global Justice and Development, Environment, Climate Justice, Tax Justice, Transparency and fight against corruption, Human rights.

Main benefits for members:

Networking, knowledge-sharing, joint policies, access to politicians and international processes.

Further Information


Kathrine Sund-Henriksen:

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