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Futuro en Común was establish in 2015. It is an initiative of the Spanish NGDO Platform, which was motivated by the economic and political crisis and the need to work towards global change together with other sectors. Since January 2019, the coalition has been operating according to these agreements and it has gained external recognition as a key actor and civil society interlocutor with the government.


In 2016, this coalition created a SDG observatory. In 2018, a new internal governance system and new strategy were defined. The steering group meets every week and the plenary meets once per month. Moreover, working groups (communication, advocacy, etc.) have been created to work on specific issues when necessary.

Additional Information

Futuro en Común advocates for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda by Spain and Europe. It participated with the civil society from around the world in the HLPF 2019 and catalysed the Stand Together Now campaign in Spain.

The coalition contributed to the design of the Sustainable Development Council and was part of the official delegation for the VNR presentation during the HLPF in 2018. Additionally, it has provided input on crucial elements to the National Strategy for Sustainable Development.

Thanks to the work of the coalition, in July 2018, a High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda was appointed directly under the Presidency of the Government, so the leadership of the 2030 Agenda acquired a supra-ministerial character.
In June 2019, the Spanish government asked Futuro en Común to give input for the Spanish progress report.

Membership Information

Number:  50

Development and Global Justice, Enviromental, Social, Trade Unions, Gender and Women Rights, Refugees and Migration, Disabilities, Human Rights, Children associations.

Main benefits for members:
Exchange and work with other sectors for common goals. Advocacy and political relevance. Public opinion relevance.

Further Information

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