Year 2022 – year of youth!


This year is the “European Youth Year”. Because what the youth has to say about the future has become central, the Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (LAPAS) and its collaborators, supported by ambassadors of the European Commission in Latvia, have been conducting local face-to-face discussions called “ESi NĀKOTNE” since January.  

The discussions occur in 20 places in Latvia where young people are invited to envision a futuristic Europe and the role they want to fulfil in it. The goal is to involve as many diverse groups of people and Latvian citizens as possible. 

The three sustainability dimensions are covered in the discussions: environment, economy and society. The participants identify problems at local and Europe levels and look for their solutions. Some preliminary outcome reflections include the importance of responsible local governments and governmental policies, especially for lowering the amount of waste; the relevance to adjust and create apprenticeships and workplaces for the youth; the realisation of international projects and collaborations on democratic topics with the youth.  

LAPAS will open a RŪPnīca, the Development Initiative Factory, for 20 young people at the end of March. RŪPnīca will, in the next half a year, in collaboration with the youth from Iceland, experts from the industry and decision-makers,  define the changes and development initiatives we need. 

LAPAS’ youth work will continue the whole year; everyone is welcome to participate!

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