We need a sustainable monetary system to achieve the SDGs!

By Seitenstetten Forum

Since 2015, the Seitenstetten Forum, together with many other “Just Money Initiatives” and experts for alternative money concepts from German-speaking countries, has been trying to break down the taboo on problems in our monetary system.

Throughout history, money has changed according to different needs. Our present task is to work on a change in the monetary system that no longer forces economic growth for its functioning, and also for the benefit of the super-rich.

The greed for profits that drives environmental degradation, massive resource consumption, and wars might be able to disappear under other circumstances. I particularly enjoy learning from Samirah Kenawi’s books: “History of Money – Commitment versus Debt”, “Manifesto for the 22nd Century – Moneyfest for Future” and “The Capitalist Monetary System – Untangled Crisis Dynamics”. Samirah’s 17-minute video explains the capitalist money cycle. Unfortunately, the books and video are only available in German: link here

From June 9th to 11th, 2023, we are organising “World peace through monetary peace – linking initiatives effectively”: link here

During the June 2010 EU parliamentarians’ session, 22 MPs from all the countries’ groups responsible for money and banking called on the general population to counterbalance the financial lobby; otherwise, democracy would be undermined.

Putting the question of money at the centre of the achievement of the SDGs would be extremely hopeful!

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