Turning point. The pandemic as an opportunity for change: a vision by Nick Meynen

By European Environmental Bureau  (EEB)

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that a return to ‘normal’ is not possible. The ‘old normal’ was a fictional world anyway, in which we could just grow forever without facing any repercussions. That fairytale is over.

But despite bringing misery to many, the pandemic also offers us an important lesson and even a unique opportunity to heal broken bonds. Responses from governments show that political arrangements can change very fast, and this time it’s not about saving banks but saving people. It is now that the paradigm changes. Our wellbeing is key, both planetary wellbeing and human wellbeing. These two are way more connected than we realised before, as the emerging science of “planetary health” shows and as the pandemic illustrates. The pandemic is just a symptom.

The EEB published an essay on this, called ‘Turning Point’. It is neither a report nor a position paper, but a pocket-book or long-read opinion that aims to be thought-provoking and inspiring. After following the virus on its path to “success”, exploiting various weaknesses in human society, it comes with ten very bold turning point proposals to really turn crisis into opportunity.

Available for you: a poetic trailer, a free hard copy, a pdf in English or French, an interview.

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