Time to recognise that a mother’s #UnpaidCareWorkCounts

By Make Mothers Matter


At MMM, we salute the courage of all people living in conflicts and war zones that are destroying lives as we speak in so many parts of the world. The brutality and devastation they bring about have profound and long-lasting effects on us, particularly children.

When fathers are at the front, many mothers remain with their children. In Ukraine, many mothers are ripping themselves away from husbands and families to secure safety for their children in neighbouring countries. There have been many stories of courage and solidarity, of women saving children of strangers and getting them to safety at borders; mothers giving birth in metro subways or underground bunkers…

Within the current world context, MMM will keep advocating for what we need most, in war and peace, when young and old: CARE.

Imagine a world where caring for each other is a priority, valued and celebrated – a world that recognises that Care is essential to peace and prosperity. A world where the well-being of people is the measure of how well countries develop. A world where the work of mothers caring for and educating their children, even if not financially compensated, is recognised as a fundamental contribution to communities, countries… and indeed to peace and prosperity.

The day when the world is convinced that without the work of care nothing is possible, then mothers from around the world will finally get the recognition they so deserve. The day when men do their share of this vital work, then women and men together will contribute to creating a better and more peaceful tomorrow.

 It is time women really do recognise the value of what they do, particularly mothers for their children; what mothers do has a huge and priceless value, is fundamental to our humanity, and underpins the very essence of life. Paradoxically, it is not recognised as it should because it is unpaid. And here lies the injustice and our raison d’être.

At MMM, we make the case for a paradigm shift in our economic narrative around Care, so that in budgets, spending on care, education, health and family support, are considered as investments – not as expenses to be minimised. We call on governments and international organisations to transform our economy and move from the short-term and exploitative “GDP growth” narrative to the ‘well-being economy’ narrative.

We will continue celebrating mothers wherever they may be – Ukraine, Afghanistan and everywhere – for their invaluable work for their children, families and society, even when against all odds. 

It is time for us to become more aware of the value of that care work and give it the recognition and support it deserves #UnpaidCareWorkCounts

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