International NGO solidarity project facing COVID-19

By Make Mothers Matter

UNESCO – At the start of the global pandemic in 2020, eight NGO-UNESCO partners decided to collaborate with their grassroots associations in solidarity actions to share the voices of the most vulnerable and understand the evolving situations on the ground.

Partners included: the International Federation of Business and Professional WomenInternational Catholic Cooperation Center for UNESCOthe Association Montessori InternationaleWorld Organization for Early Childhood Education and CareInternational Fellowship of Reconciliation, International Movement ATD Fourth World, and the South Asia Foundation.

The global online exchanges on the Facebook solidarity platform enabled local associations to connect rapidly, sharing reliable information and best practices amongst themselves and international NGOs, including MMM.

The project report addresses many key issues:  What major challenges do local populations face? To what extent is civil society mobilised? Which concrete consequences of the crisis should be considered when defining future post-COVID priorities?

For MMM, the priority has always been mothers. Based on real situations and experiences of diverse populations on different continents, this report also highlights the decisive role mothers have played in creating spontaneous initiatives to fight against the pandemic and protect the weakest.


Supported by UNESCO, the collaborative solidarity project between NGO partners confirms MMM’s commitment to this international Organisation. Read the article on the UNESCO website.

MMM’s contribution is based on the belief that the indispensable reconstruction of “living together” will be unachievable without strengthening civil society partnerships, particularly local NGOs. Only then can people’s specific needs be addressed and met, allowing for the opportunity to work towards building a more peaceful and just world.

Despite the uncertainty and the many challenges, mothers have remained firmly committed to the hope of a more peaceful and equitable world for their children’s future.

Now more than ever, it is essential to listen to mothers and support them

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