Free Meals on Wheels by Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki

By Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki

The Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki was founded in 1982 and is the oldest living ecological organization in Greece. Its ideological orientations are identified with the four ideological pillars of the international ecological movement: environmental protection, peace and non-violence, direct democracy, human rights and social solidarity. Through the project Free Meals on Wheels it has promoted the environmental protection and human rights and solidarity.

For many years, the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki has been organizing weekly social meals, but this is the first time that this action is directly linked to the ecological approach and sustainable use of food, while also enhancing cooperation between local and migrant volunteer groups and beneficiaries or other NGOs and Social Organizations.

The project Free Meals on Wheels, through the campaign Making Europe Sustainable for All, promotes recycling and transportation in a healthy, economical and environmentally responsible way.

The volunteers use bicycles to collect food weekly (mainly fruits and vegetables) that would be thrown away from the local-open market. Then they select the good food and fill the basket with food for needy families and individuals. Every Tuesday, volunteers cook and offer vegetarian meals to people who cannot cook and they distribute, again with bicycles, cooked meals that are prepared. Weekly meals aim to make sure that no meal is lost and to learn more about Non-Sustainable Food Production and Consumption.

All actions will have a direct impact on many Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda, in particular good food for all, sustainable consumption and production, combating inequality, aiming at zero hunger, sustainable cities and communities.       

Each action is combined with an educational approach to raise awareness and to stimulate about the importance of a transition to a better lifestyle for all.

During the project, three workshops will be organized for locals and immigrants on recycling, food and waste management and sustainable development and consumption.

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