17 Days 17 Sustainable Development Goals: 91 Institutions – 61 Actions – 30 Cities

By Vanessa Agapie, Hellenic Platform for Development

From 14 to 30 September 2019, the Hellenic Platform for Development coordinated for the 2nd year the largest raising awareness campaign in Greece and Cyprus for the Global Goals.

During the 17 days, 91 institutions, civil society organizations, schools, universities, municipalities, initiatives and structures implemented 61 actions, including festivals, children’s workshops, public events, informative workshops, discussions, exhibitions and services centers in 30 cities and villages of Greece and Cyprus. More than 1.7 million citizens were informed about the Global Goals by social media, while more than 39 thousand citizens participated in the actions and have learned solutions that can bring us closer to a sustainable, inclusive, fair and green future for all.

At the same time, in collaboration with the University of the Aegean, a survey was launched across the country to record measurable results for citizens’ perceptions of the Global Goals and the actions required to implement them nationally. It will remain open until the end of November.

The campaign #17days17goalsgr of the Hellenic Development Platform, within the framework of the project “Make Europe Sustainable for All” was also the largest part of actions in Greece in the context of the global campaigns #StandTogetherNow and #Act4SDGs culminating on 25 September on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

You can see some of our best moments in this photo album.

Partners at #17days17goalsgr 2019:

350 scouting systems, Academy of Entrepreneurship, Agrooikopolis, Art Thread, Ath Checkpoint – Positive Voice Prevention and Examination Center, Caritas Greece, Children’s Art Gallery of Greece, Connect Your City, dot2dot, Down Syndrome Association of Greece, Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki, ethelon, Fabric Republic, Fashion Revolution Greece, Greek Scouts, Hellenic Platform for Development, IASIS, Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development, KINITRO, KMOP-Center for Social Action and Innovation, Kouklopaizoume, Labyrinth of Senses, Let’s do it Greece, National Observatory of Athens, Naturefriends, Olive Tree Routes, Orange Grove, Organization Earth, PALMI, Permaculture.School, Pharmacists of the World, Positive voice, PRAKSIS, PRAKSIS Homeless Daily Reception Center, PRAKSIS Mobile Medical Unit, Prasin Aloga, PRAXIS, Pressenza International Press Agency, Red Umbrella Ath – Sex Voice Support and Empowerment Center, Rural Cooperative of Kalamata, SCI Hellas, Serres for UNESCO, Service Design Network Greece, SOFFA, The Children of Spring, tree-challenge, UNESCO Youth Club of Thessaloniki, World Without Wars and Violence, Zero Waste Athens, Municipality of Agios Dimitrios, University of the Aegean


1st Zero Waste Music Festival, Connected We Stand, Greenwave festival, the Yellow Days


1st Kindergarten of Parga, 2nd Primary School of Grevena, 2nd Primary School of Orchomenos, 2nd Primary School of Skala Oropos, 2nd Primary School of Igoumenitsa, 2nd Experimental Primary School of Ioannina, 3rd Primary School of Limassol Cyprus, 4th Primary School of Petersburg, 5th Kindergarten of Naxos Chora, 7th Kindergarten of Ioannina, 9th General High School of Ioannina Kardamitsia, 10th Elementary School of Aigaleo, 21st Primary School of Ioannina, Eleousa General High School “Konstantinos Asopios”, General Church High School of Vellas, High School of Eleousa, High school of Parakalamou, Elementary School of Giannitsochori Ilia, Primary School of Eleousa Arta, Primary School of Stavraki Ioannina, Primary School of Kofinos Cyprus, Elementary School of Mileas Metsovo, Primary School of Parakalamou, Special Vocational High School and High School of Ioannina, Nursery School of Damarion Naxos, Kindergarten of Katakolo, Kindergarten of Klimatia Ioannina, Kindergarten Paralimni Serres, Preschool of Havari Amaliada, Second Chance School of Ioannina.


Agios Dimitrios, Athens, Aigaleo, Amaliada, Chios, Eleousa, Giannitsochori, Grevena, Igoumenitsa, Ioannina, Kalamata, Katakolo, Kofinou (Cyprus), Lesvos, Limassol (Cyprus), Limnos, Metsovo, Naxos, Orchomenos, Oropos, Parakalamos, Parga, Petroupoli, Rhodes, Samos, Serres, Syros, Thessaloniki, Vella, Veria

The Hellenic Platform for Development coordinates Greek Non-governmental Organizations in the fields of international development cooperation, humanitarian aid and development education. It currently represents different NGOs supported by a large segment of the Greek society with a significant activity nationwide and in many developing countries.

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