Civil Society Convention for the Conference on the Future for Europe

CSOCoFoE: Thematic Cluster Consultations!
Dear Convention members,

As promised, we are now providing you with thematic cluster consultations to which you and your networks can contribute!

These consultations aim to bring a strong and shared agenda into public discussions on current social, environmental, and democratic challenges.

They represent the CoFoE agenda topics, and will result in report findings that will be presented to decision makers, media, and civil society across Europe, along with a joint preamble. Thus, we also invite you to involve your members in the following consultation processes:

 Our European Life Cluster Survey
Under the umbrella theme of “Our European Life” – What it is – What it should be – and How to Get There!, this cluster examine European rights and values as a transversal frame and foundation for pondering on these topics: European rights and values
Migration challenges and opportunities
EU’s role in the world
European identity
Freedom of movement
and more…

Factsheets that provide additional information and context concerning these questions are available here
Deadline for consultation: End of November.

    Democracy Cluster Survey 
Under the thematic cluster European Democracy we need – the survey aims to address concerns related to THREE main challenges of democracy in Europe: 

Enabling Environment for Participation
Electoral Reform
Ensure Accountability

For French version:
For Italian version:

  Social Europe Cluster Survey    
CLICK HERE to write in your recommendations and positions with regards to the achievement of:

Sustainable Economic Model
Equal Opportunities (including migration)
Fair Working Conditions
Social Protection. 

Deadline for consultation: 26th of November.

   Digital Transformation Cluster Survey 
Via ECAS’s crowdsourcing platform share your positions on:

Digital Democracy
Digital Education
Digital Safeguards
Defending Rights and Freedoms Online
Digital Economy. 

Find the guidelines to access the platform at this link.
Deadline for the first phase of consultation: 31st of October.
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