“Third-place” Inauguration from the perspective of the SDGs

By Association 4D

 From 2-8 December 2019, Commitment Week took place in Paris for the second consecutive year. This week dedicated to citizen engagement allowed 700,000 volunteers and 70,000 Parisian associations to present their actions.

During this event, 4D inaugurated on 3 December a “Third-place” from the perspective of the SDG’s in Paris. This third place is a project of the CAF (“Caisse d’Allocation Familiale” or Family allowance fund) and will be in place at 50 Rue du Dr Finlay, 75015 Paris.

Interested in the SDGs, the CAF works with 4D to engage and coordinate civil society organizations in the animation of this third place. We are convinced that the SDGs can be a guiding tool to help citizens and CSOs work together and innovate. This locale will be a meeting place. The SDGs could be a way to animate their exchanges and mutual projects.

Why a “Third place” from the perspective of the SDGs?

Individuals can take many actions, such as eating local, seasonal food, buying second-hand objects, or favoring walking, cycling, public transport and train, and more. They contribute to our well-being, but they also allow us to write narratives for a desirable future. And these actions must go even further on all fronts: public policies, companies, media, etc. Therefore, using the SDGs like a universal language promotes sharing and spreads actions that respect the environment, favor a fair economy, and leave no one behind. This “Third-place” will be the place to merge initiatives and to emphasize the SDGs integration in launched projects.

You can find our article of the event on our website: association4d.org.

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