SDG5 and the #iwantworklifebalance campaign

COFACE Families Europe was selected to be in the SDG Multi-stakeholder platform to support the implementation of the SDGs and voice the concerns of families

of all types without discrimination. The network carries out different advocacy actions at EU level, including a recently launched social media campaign in support of the EU Work Life Balance (WLB) directive. This EU directive is currently being examined by the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament.

COFACE’s Europe-wide #iwantworklifebalance campaign was launched on the occasion of the 23 October EPSCO Council to shore up citizen support for the directive. This is a key channel to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights and make a real contribution to achieve more gender equality in Europe in line with SDG 5 targets 5.1, 5.4 and 5.5. How so? Families struggle to cope with their multiple responsibilities, therefor it is fundamental to help them reconcile their work, family, care and private lives.

The proposed WLB Directive is an essential tool to enable women to enter and stay in the labour market but also to promote more gender equality at all levels, from inside the family to employment and the broader society. This will help break stereotypes of what is a “man’s or woman’s job” both in the family and in the workplace and will improve the sharing of family, house and care responsibilities. Penguins are an integral part of our campaign since they are natural examples of sharing of responsibilities in parenting. If they take turns in caring for the kids and foraging for food, why can’t we?

The #iwantworklifebalance campaign will end…with the adoption of the WLB Directive.

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