MMM #RaiseAPen Campaign kicks off!

By Make Mothers Matter

Make Mothers Matter (MMM), backed by international celebrities and organisations, kicked off the #RaiseAPen campaign in November with a strong mobilisation video, answering the call of Afghan mothers for the continuation of the right to girls’ education.

Raising the voices of mothers is powerful. Not only because everybody has (or had) a mother but also because they are change agents within their families and communities. By raising their voices, mothers have the power to convince the world of the importance of girls’ education.

For MMM, the issue of education for women and girls is a fundamental human right and remains central across the political spectrum. Indeed, without education, sustainable development is unattainable. 

Without education, the empowerment of Afghan women and girls and their access to equal opportunities will be compromised. Without education for all, the prospects of an inclusive, just and peaceful society will collapse.

Standing for women’s education in Afghanistan is standing for women’s education everywhere.

By prioritising these demands, the #RaiseAPen campaign will illustrate concrete examples of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4, 5 and 16 and aim to advance Agenda 2030. 

Staffan de Mistura, former UN Special Envoy to Afghanistan who is championing the #RaiseAPen campaign, said: “This call is very timely. In Afghanistan, there can be no sustainable peace without education for all, but most importantly, education for women and girls who represent 51% of the population”.

Much of Afghanistan’s progress over the last 18 years can be attributed to the power of the pen and the resilience of Afghan women who have fought to bring about meaningful change.

Today, many Afghan women and girls are visible, active and impactful in diverse spheres of life, seizing opportunities wherever they find them. From politics to activism, entrepreneurship to industry, they are determined to realise their vision of an Afghanistan where every woman can live in peace and enjoy her rights.

But there is much that still needs to happen to allow more Afghan girls and women to participate in the development of their country.

According to the MMM President Anne-Claire de Liedekerke: “The #RaiseAPen campaign comes at a crucial moment in Afghanistan’s history. No one wants a reversal of progress. That is why today, with Afghan mothers and girls, we #RaiseAPen to ensure a forward movement by raising global awareness for their call”.

This campaign would not be what it is without the active commitment of two associate members of the MMM Network, the Farkhunda Trust for Afghan Women’s Education and Mothers For Peace. They have been instrumental in mobilising mothers and gaining the support of the very people who can help realise a better tomorrow for Afghanistan.

You find the link to the video of the event here: 

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