Localizing SDGs through Capacity Building: mission possible

By NGO Diversity Development Group (DDG)

Localizing SDGs through Capacity Building (LoCaB) project was implemented from June – October 2018 in Lithuania. The underlying aim of the LoCab project was to raise awareness on links between inequalities with cross-cutting approach on international migration and encourage local actors to localize SDGs.

The main course of action for awareness raising and building the capacity of local actors consisted of: 4 workshops were held in municipalities of largest Lithuanian cities (Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Panevėžys) with the focus on inequalities and cross-cutting topic of international migration. Each workshop targeted 10 – 15 local actors (members of local communities, NGOs, education institutions, municipal workers from different departments, youth organizations, social workers and etc.) with 6 hours engagements.

Workshops participants received accompanying handouts on ‘Links between inequalities, migration and SDGs’ developed for this project.

During the workshops information from participants was gathered and served as a primal source of information for the ‘Policy paper & Package of Recommendations’ which was introduced during the final event Exchange with policy makers, where policy guidelines indicating ways in which SDGs could be localized through different policy making areas including, but not limited, to equal opportunities and migration policies, were presented and discussed. These recommendations aims to encourage decision makers to localize SDGs in municipal strategic planning documents.

The LoCaB project is funded by Make Europe Sustainable for All project, which aims to promote the implementation of the Agenda 2030 by and in the EU, by strengthening civil society networks working on SDG implementation across the EU and highlighting to the public and political leaders at the local, national, and European level that SDG implementation is crucial for an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future for all people and planet.

Founded in 2012, NGO Diversity Development Group (DDG) is a non-profit organisation in Lithuania with an objective to carry out social (scientific, applied, and infrastructural) projects and research in the field of human rights, education, equal opportunities, diversity, migration and integration. The strategic aim of the organisation is to improve and manage diversity towards a sustainable, tolerant and socially responsible society. 

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