Launch of 4D podcast for wardrobe change campaign: Remode-Toi!

By Antoine Sanouillet, Association 4D

The Remode Toi! podcast by Association 4D seeks to end the nightmare caused by the textile industry with alternatives and ethical solutions.

Association 4D has met actors committed to a sustainable way to make, recycle, reuse, renew and sell textiles. These people work everyday to change the view we have of our clothes in our modern societies. Multiplying their activities with mass action could allow them to have a real impact and achieve the Agenda 2030. They are participating and helping to implement sustainable lifestyles for citizens.

In “Remode Toi”, we showcase links between the projects of these committed actors and the SDGs. They are actors of change who work on a sustainable transition by focusing on interlinkages between the SDGs rather than cherry-picking single SDGs.

The members of Association 4D are convinced that we can not succeed in achieving the SDGs without citizens. The decade of action is now. This podcast allows you to meet and hear from citizens who act to change and transform our world.

The first episode was released on Friday, 13 March. We met the project-holder of the Textilerie in Paris: Elsa Monsegur. 

You can listen to the interview here and read our article (in French) here.

This podcast is part of the Wardrobe Change campaign as part of the Make Europe Sustainable for All project. Other episodes will follow every 2 or 3 weeks. Stay tuned by following Association 4D on our social media below and keeping up with our newsletter!




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