How we’ll get Universal Health Coverage for All by 2030

By Katie Gallagher, European Patients’ Forum

The European Patients’ Forum has published this month a Roadmap, which sets out actions that decision makers need to urgently consider in order to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for all patients in the EU by 2030. In contrast with SDG 3, disparities in access to healthcare in Europe are increasing despite that universal health coverage is a well-recognised goal for all healthcare systems in the EU. This basic right is not yet a reality for all patients in the EU. There is also a factsheet that gives an overview of the Roadmap.

In line with EPF’s 2017 Campaign on Access to Healthcare, this roadmap provides decision makers with recommendations to achieve UHC for all patients in the EU by 2030. It calls on Member States and the EU to commit to a long-term vision where equity of access and UHC is a reality for all, as described in SDG3 on ensuring health lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages. This Roadmap urges EU institutions and Member States to:

  • Provide to all patients, regardless of which country the live in or their country of origin.

  • Commit to based on outcomes and added value.

  • Ensure the delivery of healthcare products and services that are , together with the healthcare industry.

  • Promote and implement access to a ensuring that the package of services covered by the healthcare system is tailored to the needs of patients.

  • End the discrimination and stigma that patients face and make sure that no population is excluded.

In this Roadmap, the European Patients’ Forum also emphasises the importance and need to establish a transparent, inclusive and collaborative working process for the implementation of UHC as well as inter-sectoral action for health to achieve UHC and significantly improve quality. of life and care for patients.

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