HOPE 2030 – Greece

By Vanessa Agapie, Hellenic Platform for Development

On 22/4/2018, the Hellenic Platform implemented its first major public event on Global Goals and launched the campaign “Fight Inequalities” in Greece.

The first idea of the event was coordinated by 4 organizations: the Hellenic Platform for Development, ActionAid Hellas, Victoria Square Project and the World Human Forum. We took the name and the idea of Agenda 2030 and we placed it in the most central square of Athens, Victoria Square and specifically on Hope street. Victoria Square was chosen as it hosts groups from different countries, religions, homeless people and many other sub groups that have no connection between them. So the name of the event came up to “HOPE 2030”. Hope for the Agenda 2030, hope for the people who face inequalities, hope for a better future, leaving no one behind.

Exhibitions, workshops, cultural events, even planting for minors and adults were included in the all-day program, aimed at creating a major social alliance to implement the Agenda 2030 and bring people together to fight inequalities.

On Hope Street, the Hellenic Platform set up 17 Stations, one for each Global Goal, where there were organizations that informed passers-by for the Goal, through games and activities and through their work. All activities and presentations were focused on inequalities and the interlinkages of the Goals. All games, presentations, workshops, activities, even music concerts were not only in Greek, but also in English and in some cases in more languages, so that everyone can participate, get informed and enjoy.

More than 40 organizations took part with more than 120 volunteers and representatives, who informed more than 1500 people. The organizations were from different sectors, including businesses, projects, and universities. Politicians, actors and famous journalists also passed by to get informed and talked with the organizations about their action.

Hellenic Platform for Development coordinates Greek Non-governmental Organisations performing in the fields of international development cooperation, humanitarian aid and development education. It currently represents different NGOs supported by a large segment of the Greek society and with a significant activity nationwide and in many developing countries.

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