FOOD WAVE : Empowering Urban Youth for Climate Action

By ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy

Worldwide food production is responsible for a third of global greenhouse gas (GHC) emissions. More than a third of the global food production per year (40% at the European level) goes wasted, producing a significant impact on the climate, the environment and society. Contributing to sustainable agri-food systems, shifting to more sustainable production, distribution, and consumption patterns is one of the key aspects to tackle climate change and to address, at the same time, the issues of human rights, social inclusion, rural-urban linkages, food sovereignty. 

These values are among the main pillars of the EU funded project “Food Wave: Empowering Urban Youth for Climate Action”. The project, co-funded by the EU DEAR Programme, is  promoted by the Municipality of Milan and 18 Local Authorities and 11 Civil Society Organisations and aims to increase knowledge, awareness, and engagement of young people on sustainable patterns of food consumption and behaviour. Implementing actions in over 21 locations across 17 countries (16 within the European Union and 1 in the Global South -Brazil), with global networks such as C40, Food Wave is working to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and those of the Paris Agreement. 

Through the direct and active engagement of young people, the project contributes to the localisation of the SDGs, leading the path towards more resilient and sustainable food systems. Many initiatives, such as online workshops, call for ideas, call for proposals, and street actions, are at the core of the project, boosting change starting from the territorial level. 

Read more about the Food Wave project and follow its Facebook and Instagram pages.

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