European Women’s Lobby: How-To Guide on Campaigning for a Feminist Europe

By the European Women’s Lobby (EWL)

The European elections are almost here!

At the European Women’s Lobby, we believe that it is crucial we vote for a feminist Europe this May, with more women elected to the European Parliament than ever before.

Indeed, statistics show that women vote less than men (only 40% for the 2014 European elections) which shows us that women across Europe do not feel represented or that their needs are prioritized on the European stage- The time to change this is now!

Women represent 52% of the European population and, without their participation, significant voices are lost.

We believe that this is a critical democratic issue and strongly believe that we must work together in ensuring that all women feel represented in Europe and commit to vote at the next elections. Our election manifesto, 50/50: Women for Europe – Europe for Women, highlights some of the changes that we can make towards a more fair and equal society.

Therefore, we are excited to share with you some campaign messages specifically designed for women candidates running in the elections and helpful tips on how to call for more women to vote. For more information on how to use and disseminate these messages amongst your members and partners, please refer to our handy little how-to guide.

Together, let us seize this unique democratic moment to drive forward an equal, inclusive, diverse and democratic Europe, a Europe that leaves no one behind!

We hope you will find it useful and use it in this last leg of your campaign.

You can also share our petition for a feminist Europe and pledge for future Members of the European Parliament to sign.

How-To Guide

Welcome to this how-to guide for using the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) 50/50 Campaign Messages Pamphlet. This short guide explains how to disseminate and use this tool to your members, colleagues and partners.

The pamphlet provides campaigners, activists and candidates with some key messages that the EWL invites all to use during their European election campaign efforts.  The messages included are social media ready calls for actions on burning issues as well as handy “sizzle” messages that can be used in short campaign videos or social media messages. The pamphlet also includes links to all the EWL European election campaign materials, which are highlighted in green.

We encourage you to share this handy campaign messages pamphlet across your networks and to use the messages in your campaign videos, so that women across Europe can be sure that their rights will not be diminished during this next European session.

Here is an email template you can use when sharing across your networks:

Dear All,

We are proud to share with you today the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) Campaign Messages Pamphlet; a useful tool to help you share key messages on women’s rights for the European elections 50/50 campaign.

The pamphlet attached includes messages on the most burning issues that must be prioritised during the European election campaign to ensure that women’s rights are at the forefront of the political agenda. The messages can be used for any of your social media actions and can be used in any of your campaign engagements or events in the coming weeks.

Here is how we recommend that you use the Campaign Messages Pamphlet

For Twitter or Facebook, simply copy and paste the messages for your social media activity on the campaign. Please make sure you tag the EWL in your posts and use the campaign hashtags so that we will ensure to give your campaign additional visibility.

EWL Twitter Handle: @EuropeanWomen

Campaign hashtags: #ThistimeImVoting #WomenforEurope #EuropeforWomen #FeministEurope

Here’s an example:

We demand a better future for everyone across Europe! Let’s work together to ensure that all women and girls can fulfil their potential, in a secure and supportive environment. A safer Europe for women is a safer Europe for everyone! @EuropeanWomen #WomenforEurope”

You can also use the messages provided in your own political campaigns if you are standing for election in your country! Through these messages you will be echoing the voices and priorities of over 2000 women’s civil society organisations in Europe.

Use the messages in the pamphlet that begin with My name is… I am running for…. in a short campaign video or a vox-pop social media video. Simply follow the instructions of this how-to video (it explains how to use Facebook live, which works the same way as Instagram live):  

Would love to know more? Simply click on the green headings in the attached pamphlet to find our campaign manifesto, our candidate pledge and our election petition calling for a feminist Europe!

We hope you find this campaign tool helpful! Please feel free to contact us or the European Women’s Lobby directly to find out more about their work on achieving equality between women and men across Europe

Good Luck in all your elections efforts, Feminist wishes,

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