Cooperative SDG 16 exercise in Latvia


In light of SDG16, LAPAS (Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation) organised a practical simulation and follow-up discussion on June 15.

Involving the State Fire and Rescue Service and the National Armed Forces helped to highlight the triple nexus approach to conflict prevention, preparedness, and reconstruction. Discussions about an effective and inclusive civil defense system at the community level were encouraged, reducing the gap between local communities and public administration institutions. 

Community is especially important during times of crisis when every life counts and a culture of preparedness is essential for sustainable public safety. To reduce misinformation, public institutions should build daily communication with local communities. With the launch of LAPAS’ NGO leaders training in-depth program on August, 2023, LAPAS will continue its work on resilience and SDG16.

There was a discussion on June 16 on “Development cooperation after 24.02.2022.: conclusions and perspectives” about the latest changes in development cooperation and humanitarian assistance. 

As a result of Russia’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine, Latvia’s development cooperation has undergone significant changes – in terms of financial support, its form, and its priorities. In light of the significant increase in humanitarian aid, the development of new reconstruction mechanisms, and the inclusion of refugee costs in official development assistance (ODA), it is necessary to have a wider public discussion of the effectiveness and further development of these instruments. 

Humanitarian aid has been provided to Ukraine by many sectors of society, but we need to think about a national system that is effective and that supports active organisations. As newly established and active NGOs join LAPAS, the importance of policy change and open discussion increases.

The discussion was attended by representatives of the Latvian Parliament, the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Fire and Rescue Service, and Latvian NGOs. Later this year, LAPAS will publish an opinion paper and in-depth report on SDG17 based on the conclusions of this discussion and further data analysis.

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