The Fair Times campaign is a pan-European campaign coordinated by five civil society network organisations FTAO (Fair Trade Movement), IFOAM-EU (Organic Agriculture), CIDSE (Catholic development agencies), ECOLISE (community led initiatives on climate change and sustainability), and RIPESS-EU (Social Solidarity Economy) calling for a fair and sustainable European consumption and production agenda. The campaign is centred on a special edition of ‘The Fair Times’ newspaper from 2024, the end of the next European Parliament term. The newspaper aims to provide examples of policies that the EU could implement regarding a sustainable consumption and production agenda and hopes to inspire candidates to commit to taking action if elected. The campaign launched in  mid-April and will run until the elections at the end of May.

You will be able to read ‘The Fair Times’ and find out more about the campaign on www.thefairtimes.eu.


We welcome all organisations that are passionate about achieving sustainable consumption and production at local, national and European level to read ‘The Fair Times’ and share it. Feel free to share about the campaign on your various communications channels: website, newsletter, and social media. Please use the campaign hashtag #TheFairTimes so that your action appears on the campaign website. More info on the communication strategy of the campaign can be found here


If you would like to go a step further and contact MEP candidates in your constituency, you’ll find a detailed campaign guide via this link, which outlines how to find and contact MEP candidates, how the campaign is coordinated at European and national levels, and how to communicate about your meeting.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require more information. Email advocacy@fairtrade-advocacy.org.

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